The Technology WG will explore and evaluate possible technological contributions of CERN primarily to non-accelerator-related experimental physics initiatives and projects that may also be hosted elsewhere, and will survey technologies that could become relevant to CERN accelerator and non-accelerator projects. The working group will favour the exchange of experience and expertise in technological domains such as superconducting and normal conducting magnet and RF technology, cryogenics, optics, vacuum and surface technology to support the development of new physics experiments and detection methods like quantum sensing and new (accelerator and non-accelerator) experiment proposals aiming at fundamental Standard Model physics measurements and/or addressing physics Beyond the Standard Model questions.


Contribution to advancing conceptual designs where appropriate (e.g. VMB@CERN)
Identification and promotion of synergies with Quantum Sensing Initiatives at CERN and with other PBC Working Groups (e.g. Gamma Factory SPS PoP).
Documentation of identified and undertaken initiatives and benefits for the experimental community.

Working Group Core Members

Conveners: Sergio Calatroni, Babette Döbrich, Andrzej Siemko

Core Members: Giovanni Cantatore (aKWISP – INFN & Univ. Trieste), Gianluca Cavoto (Carbon Nanotubes, INFN & Univ. Roma I), Dimitri Delikaris, Jessica Golm (HTS/RADES, Friedrich-Schiller-Univ. Jena), Livio Mapelli (DarkSide, INFN and Univ. Cagliari), Antonio Perin, Pierre Pugnat (Grenoble Haloscope – CNRS-LNCMI Grenoble), Joern Schaffran (JURA, ALPS-II, DESY), Paolo Spagnolo (STAX, INFN & Univ. Pisa), Herman Ten Kate (BabyIAXO, Twente Univ.), Guido Zavattini (VMB-INFN& Univ. Ferrara).