Beam Dump Facility


The Beam Dump Facility (BDF) Working Group is tasked with pursuing critical R&D work on BDF so as to deliver an update on its design, cost, and physics potential, at the latest by the time of the next Update of the ESPP in order to allow a timely realisation, should a favourable decision be taken on its implementation.

The BDF WG activities will be driven by the R&D required to achieve the specification demanded by the physics proposals that initially motivated the beam dump facility (SHiP, including SND and TauFV). Where possible, accelerator R&D with clear synergies to other PBC working groups and CERN projects will be prioritised.

The BDF Working Group shall focus on beam delivery, target design, and suppression of beam induced background. The cost optimization will focus on the existing design and location in the North Area but scoped also to investigate the reuse of existing CERN infrastructure including WANF and CNGS, with support from RP, HSE and SCE.

The BDF WG will support and foster collaboration on R&D topics between CERN and its external partners/institutes on items that are critical to demonstrate the feasibility of the physics programme and strongly influence the layout of the facility, several of which require extensive simulation studies, prototyping and beam tests.


Validation of the schemes for loss reduction for slow extraction and transfer and of the beam instrumentation choices to monitor accurately beam quality and reproducibility and support low loss operation. Optimization of the target material choices, design, handling and integration. Overall facility and cost optimization taking into account the developments on the experimental set-up in all its aspects (e.g. hadron stopper, magnetic muon sweeper, decay vessel, energy efficient spectrometer magnets, in-line multiple wire target, etc.) within the frame of the BDF R&D Collaboration. Update of the Comprehensive Design Study report by 2024.

Working Group Core Members

Conveners: Matthew Alexander Fraser, Richard Jacobsson

Core Members: Oliver Aberle, Claudia Christina Ahdida, Pablo Arrutia, Kincso Balazs, Michele Battistin, Markus Brugger, Marco Calviani, Yann Dutheil, Rui Franqueira Ximenes, Frederic Galleazzi, Lau Gatignon, Simone Gilardoni, Brennan Goddard, Jean-Louis Grenard, Verena Kain, Keith Kershaw, Simon Marsh, Jose Maria Martin Ruiz, Ramiro Francisco Mena Andrade, Yvon Muttoni, Angel Navascues Cornago, Pierre Ninin, John Andrew Osborne, Stefan Roesler, Alexandre Rozanov, Francisco Sanchez Galan, Pablo Santos Diaz, Heinz Vincke, Thijs Wijnands.