Conventional Beams


The working group analyses the requirements and provides support for the experiments attributed to the working group, including design of secondary beam lines and integration in the existing SPS and PS experimental areas, in view of the submission of the proposals to the relevant committees. Similar support will be also provided for the study on novel neutrino beam lines. The working group evaluates the feasibility, compatibility, infrastructure needs, approximate costs and resource requirements from CERN and collects all this information for the PBC-A&T Committee.

The following experiments are followed by the PBC: NA64µ/h, NA60++, NA62 high intensity (x4)/KLEVER, SHADOWS, AMBER (RF-separated beams), ENUBET and NuTAG. Representatives from experiments already followed-up by the SPSC using the same areas and/or requiring shared physics studies will be part of the working group.


Deliverables of the working group include in particular a conceptual beamline design for the high intensity operation of NA62/KLEVER and integration of SHADOWS, a conceptual design of a beam line providing RF separated hadron beams with increased purity for AMBER, and an integration concept for the NA60++ experiment in EHN1.

Key Documents

Working Group Members

Conveners: Markus Brugger, Johannes Bernhard

Members: Dipanwita Banerjee, Anna Baratto Roldan, Augusto Ceccucci (SHADOWS), Nikos Charitonidis, Paolo Crivelli (NA64), Oleg Denisov (AMBER), Babette Döbrich (NA62 Beam Dump), Luke Dyks, Jan Friedrich (AMBER), Marek Gazdzicki (NA61), Lau Gatignon, Sergei Gninenko (NA64), Marc Jebramcik, Yacine Kadi, Seweryn Kowalski (NA61), Gaia Lanfranchi (FIPS/BSM), Cristina Lazzeroni (HIKE), Andrea Longhin (ENUBET), Clara Matteuzzi (MUonE), Fabian Metzger, Matthew Moulson (KLEVER), Rob Murphy, Laurie Nevay, Elisabetta Parozzi, Mathieu Perrin-Terrin (NuTAG), Gunar Schnell (QCD Physics WG), Enrico Scomparin (NA60++), Tommaso Spadaro (NA62 Beam Dump), Silvia Schuh, Florian Stummer, Francesco Terranova (ENUBET), Gianluca Usai (NA60++), Graziano Venanzoni (MUonE), Maarten van Dijk.

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