Forward Physics Facility


A Forward Physics Facility at the LHC could house a suite of experiments enhancing the LHC’s potential for both BSM and SM physics extending the capabilities of the FASER detector installed in the line of sight of the interaction point IP1. The Working Group is mandated to provide a Conceptual Design of the facility after an analysis of the possible options and taking into account the impact on the LHC Machine during construction and installation and the HL-LHC operational scenario.


Determine the experimental set-up based on the physics requirements identified by the Physics Working Groups. Study the possible civil engineering scenarios, their impact on the LHC machine and its infrastructure, and study the integration of the experiment in the LHC tunnel. Evaluate the performance based on the expected HL-LHC operational scenario.

Conceptual design report of the facility.

Working Group Core Members

Convener: Jamie Boyd

Core Members: Marco Andreini, Kincso Balazs, Jean-Pierre Corso, Jonathan Feng (UCI), John Osborne.

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