Accelerator Complex Capabilities


The Accelerator Complex Capabilities Working Group will explore the performance of Fixed Target proton and ion beams in the whole CERN Accelerator Complex using the full potential provided by the recently implemented upgrade of the LHC injectors and identifying remaining limitations in beam intensity, quality and availability. The Working Group will propose and document alternatives, improvements, solutions with the aim of optimising proton and ion delivery among different physics users and satisfy potential emerging physics requests.


Update of the existing report on Protons Beyond the LHC Injectors Upgrade Project following hands-on experience with the upgraded injector complex. Propose production schemes and check their feasibility in response to beam specifications emerging in any of the other PBC WGs or from physics requests.

Working Group Core Members

Conveners: Hannes Bartosik, Giovanni Rumolo.

Core Members: Simon Albright, Reyes Alemany, Foteini Asvesta, Nicolo’ Biancacci, Heiko Damerau, Alexander Huschauer, Ivan Karpov, Alexandre Lasheen, Elisabeth Renner, Jose Alberto Rodriguez Rodriguez, Benoit Salvant, Edgar Sargsyan, Mihaly Vadai


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