Physics Domain

The working groups in the physics domain aim to evaluate the physics case of the projects in the worldwide context, to investigate the uniqueness of the CERN accelerator complex and infrastructure for their realization, and to foster possible further detector optimization.

The physics domain is structured in three working groups. The QCD working group deals with both experimental and theoretical aspects of QCD-oriented PBC projects. The BSM working group deals with the experimental aspects of BSM-oriented PBC projects, and with the theoretical motivation of those not related to Feebly Interacting Particles (FIPs). The FIPs Physics Centre (FPC) is an extended forum which evaluates the reach of FIP-related PBC BSM projects within the worldwide landscape of all domains dealing with FIPs. The working group core members include experts from both theory and experiment in the corresponding domains as well as representatives of the PBC projects.

For experiments already discussed at CERN, the experimental topics covered by the PBC QCD and BSM working groups will consider new directions that are not yet under review by the CERN Scientific Committees (LHCC/SPSC/INTC). When relevant, entering a Scientific Committee review process will require that the project has reached an adequate level of maturity for scrutiny and review of a possible implementation.