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Project coverage

The QCD working group deals with both experimental and theoretical aspects of QCD-oriented PBC projects within the worldwide landscape. This includes both experiments aiming at an improved understanding of QCD and its phenomenology as well as those aiming to increase the sensitivity of searches for physics beyond the Standard Model by reducing uncertainties arising from strong interaction physics.

The current PBC projects of potential interest for QCD are listed below together with an indication of the main topics under study:

  • NA60++: physics potential and optimization in revised EHN1 location
  • NA61++: post-LS3 program incl. e.g. 2D scan for onset of fireball and low-energy running
  • AMBER: post-LS3 program with e.g. RF-separated beams
  • LHCb-FT: new getterable gases, polarized target and double-crystal set-ups
  • ALICE-FT: physics reach and optimization of set-up
  • Forward Physics Facility @LHC: physics reach of forward neutrino measurements
  • Gamma Factory: QCD physics opportunities including from PoP experiment

Working Group core members

Conveners: Daniel Boer, Tetyana Galatyuk, Jan Pawlowski, Gunar Schnell

Project representatives: Jan Friedrich (AMBER), Gianluca Usai (NA60++), Maja Mackowiak-Pawlowska (NA61++ AA), Szymon Pulawski (NA61++ pA), Luciano Pappalardo (LHCb-FT), Dima Budker (Gamma Factory), Felix Kling (FPF neutrinos), Juan Rojo (FPF QCD), Fernando Martinez Vidal (MDM with crystal), Laure Marie Massacrier (ALICE-FT).