The potential for delivering a neutrino beam from a muon storage ring have been well developed by the nuSTORM collaboration. The aim was to produce a broad outline of the possible implementation at CERN.

The study has been completed and documented here.

A CERN implementation might see fast extraction of high intensity 100 GeV/c protons from the SPS at LSS6 to a dedicated target complex. The protons on target produce a large spectrum of secondary pions. Forward pions are focused by a horn into a capture and transport channel. Pion decays within the first straight of the decay ring can yield muons that are stored in the ring. Muon decays within the straight sections will produce neutrino beams of known flux and flavour.

    Members :

    Mike Lamont (CERN), Ken Long (nuSTORM proponent), Jonathan Gall (CERN), Wolfgang Bartmann (CERN), Claudia Ahdida (CERN), Marco Calviani (CERN), Simone Gilardoni (CERN)



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