Submission of new initiatives

New initiatives may be submitted to the PBC study group at any time. The proponents are requested to send the PBC Coordination ( a short document with the following information:

  1. Proponents (including their affiliation) and contact person.
  2. Supporting Institutes/Universities.
  3. Short description of the new initiative (1-2 pages), including its scientific goal and significance and specifying the role that CERN should play in its development. The latter should emphasize the synergies with the CERN domains of expertise and infrastructures, and the complementarities between the contributions expected from CERN and from the proponents.
  4. Status of the initiative: web site if existing, conceptual documents, most relevant references.
  5. Options for location of an experiment and its scientific review, and reasoning for choice.
  6. Expected timeline.
  7. Resource situation: available funding and manpower from supporting institutes.

Upon submission, new initiatives will be discussed by the PBC coordination together with the proponents and the relevant PBC working group conveners, in order to check if they fit the PBC mandate, and to define how they could best be incorporated within the PBC studies.