Accelerator Complex Performance

Following initial projection presented at the kickoff workshop in 2016, the aim was to develop a full proton performance plan for the LIU/HL-LHC era, perform an exploration of alterative approaches, and review possible motivations and options for a proton driver.

The study has been completed and summarized in the following two documents:

SPS Operation and Future Proton Sharing scenarios for the SHiP experiment at the BDF facility Proton perf. post-LIU WG CDS
Protons Beyond the LHC Injectors Upgrade Project Proton perf. post-LIU WG CDS


Giovanni Rumolo (CERN), Hannes Bartosik (CERN) in collaboration with LIU, Eirini Koukovini Platia (CERN). AWAKE++ study: • Edda Gschwendtner (CERN) and Matthew Wing (AWAKE).